F3 Eyeshadow Blend Brush 

This brush is perfect for adding colour and definition in the crease. Made from the softest high grade synthetic fibre it can be used to blend either powders or cream makeup to your eyes leaving a professional finish.  

  • Blends away harsh lines.
  • Softening edges around the eye.
  • Add definition to crease of the eye and blending.

F3 Eyeshadow Blending Brush

  • Size: 1.5cm width x 10.7cm height

    Colour: Rose gold ferrule and black OR white handle.


    • Used with liquid, powder & cream cosmetics.

    • Softer than any natural bristle.

    • Highly durability, longlasting & easy care.

    • Cruelty free and Vegan.

    • Guaranteed outstanding performance, anti-bacterial qualities. 

    • Glamx brushes are custom designed to incorporate standard size ferrule into a shorter handle for better control, light weight and convenience.

    • For Professional use