5 Piece Essentials Brush set 

Designed for convenience of carrying all your daily makeup essentials in one place on-the-go! 

This travel size makeup brush set, includes a makeup bag designed to store your brushes on one side and a small zipper wallet on the other side to keep your essential makeup in one place. 


  • F15 Powder Brush
  • F12 Blusher Brush
  • F3 Eyeshadow Blend
  • E7 Eyeshadow Base
  • E5 Eyeshadow Liner
  • Essentials makeup bag

5 Piece Makeup Brush Set - Essential

    • Essentials Makeup Bag - Bag dimension: L10cm x W16.6cm 
    • Brush size: 10.5cm Wide x 12cm Height

      Colour: Rose gold ferrule and black handle.


    About the Brushes:

    • Used with liquid, powder & cream cosmetics.

    • Softer than any natural bristle.

    • Highly durability, longlasting & easy care.

    • Cruelty free and Vegan.

    • Guaranteed outstanding performance, anti-bacterial qualities. 

    • Glamx brushes are custom designed to incorporate standard size ferrule into a shorter handle for better control, light weight and convenience.