The Luxury Brush Collection features a set of 12 professional makeup brushes and makeup bag to store your brushes and other essentials.

Each brush is high performing and designed to incorporate a standard size ferrule into a shorter handle, making these the most high end, versatile brushes for everyday use and on-the-go.  


The super soft brush fibres feel luxurious on your skin and made from high quality anti-bacterial, vegan synthetic.


The makeup and brush bag is heavy duty for on-the-go.  Each side has 2 open pouches to store your brushes, Eyeliner, lipliner, foundation, tweezers, mirror and more neatly in place. Includes a small removable zipper pouch in the middle to keep accessories.



  1. F15 - Powder Brush - Large soft fluffy brush used for applyng powder over the face and body.
  2. F16 - Kabuki Brush - Used for many blending applications such as bronzer, blush and contouring.
  3. F13 - Angled Blush Brush - With an angled edge, uded to sculpt cheek area, add definition and contour.
  4. F10 - Foundation Brush - Use a small drop of liquid foundation on top of the brush and apply to your face in a circular motion, the flat top acts as a buffer to give an airbrush finish.
  5. F8 - Flat Foundation Brush - Used to apply liquids and cream to your face, by broad strock or criss-cross motion.  
  6. E5 - Eyebrow Liner Brush - Ideal for using eyeshadow or gel to sculpture and define a perfect eyebrow. 
  7. E9  - Tapered Blend Brush - with its tapered tip you can easily blend to create definition to the crease and outer eye area.
  8. B2 - Smokey Eye Brush - Apply gel liner or eyeshadow on your lash line.  Smudge outwards to achieve a smokey eye look.
  9. E10 - Eyeshadow Buffer Brush - Using a circular motion to dab and buff eyeshadow to your eyelid.
  10. F3 - Eyeshadow Blend Brush - Perfect for blending away those harsh lines or adding definishion to your eye. 
  11. E7 Eyeshadow Base Brush - Used for applying cream or liquids on your face such as lipstick, concealer under your eye or marking your face with foundation for contouring.

B2 Socket Blender Brush - Used for definision under the eye area and socket.

Deluxe makeup bag - White faux leather bag to store all your Glamx travel brushes. This bag is heavy duty.  size 15.5cm x 9.5cm 

12 Pcs Luxury Brush Collection