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Professional Makeup Brushes in Travel Size

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Makeup brushes are your beauty kit essentials but when you’re toting a beauty bag filled to the brim, it gets tough to decide ​which brushes are really essential ​to nail that flawless 

makeup finish​. ​  How do you differentiate your liquid foundation brush from your buffer?   What’s the secret tool for creating that perfect contour? Which brush will help you achieve those sexy candlelit eyes? At GLAMX, we can answer all your questions! That’s why we have rounded up the 8 most faithful brushes that you definitely need on your​ brush ‘bucket list’.  Our 8 Piece Makeup Brush collection also includes a high quality professional makeup bag to fit your travel size brushes and makeup essentials.  All for just  $79.95 ! 

F12 Blusher Brush - $9.98

If you want to apply a soft wash of blush, you’ll need the F12 Glamx Blusher brush with the softest and luxurious makeup bristles that will add that rosy glow to your complexion.​ Our domed blush brush is a purely genius tool that ensures the right amount of blush is applied to your beautiful cheeks. It picks up and deposits blush to define, contour, and shade your cheeks. All you need to do is move brush in a circular motion to the apples of your cheeks!

F10 Foundation brush- $13.98

The Glamx F10 Foundation brush will give you a professional finish, allowing every crevice of skin to be evenly covered. You can whip your liquid foundation effortlessly with a domed or flat topped foundation brush to achieve a natural airbrushed effect and escape that heavy caked-on feeling. Are you tired of seeing a streaky finish after applying your foundation by hand? Try our new flat topped foundation brush that will help you get a smooth and poreless finish. Its densely packed bristles allow you to blend, buff and stipple to hide your dark under-eye circles and fine lines.

F15 Powder Brush- $13.95

Soft, full and rounded, a powder brush is a makeup bag staple! You can use it for applying both compact powder and bronzer, sweeping it perfectly across the forehead, down the nose and along the cheekbones to achieve that subtle sun-kissed glow. Our large, dense, and fluffy powder brush picks up the perfect amount of colour and distribute flawlessly onto your skin. You can also use it for dusting extra makeup off your face without messing with your carefully crafted beauty look.

F3 Eyeshadow Blending Brush - $9.98

As soft, fluffy and tapered eyeshadow blender is a requisite for achieving a seamless transition of your eye shadows. Our little eyeshadow brush avoids harsh lines and gives you 

more control over specific areas of your eyes. Its flexible bristles and bevelled edge make it easy to blend colours, thus giving you an excellent coverage and a beautiful look. 

E5 Eyebrow Liner Brush - $8.98

Do you want to achieve those beautifully symmetrical eyebrows? We reckon you need the Glamx eyebrow liner to define your brows. The Eyebrow Liner has stiff, angled bristles that allow you to have precise control over your brow line. Not only that, this brush also allows you to apply eyeliner deep into your lash line for a rich and distinctive eye shape. Get ready to create the perfect winged effect with our versatile eyebrow liner.

B2 Socket Blender Brush - $8.95

The Socket Blender is an ideal brush for applying colour to the smaller areas of your eyes such as the socket, under eye and inner eye. This little brush helps you in perfectly contouring and defining the eye by intensifying the colour and adding depth to the creases. You can also give the impression of a larger lid area. 

F20 Large Fan Brush - $19.95

A big fan brush is just the best choice to work with loose powders, highlighters, blush, contour powder and bronzer. It allows you to cover fine lines and imperfections on your skin and lightly sweeps the powder to give a soft and velvety look. Our big fan brush is one of the most popular pieces at our store, grab yours today! 

E10 Eyeshadow Buffer Brush - $8.98

This little beauty is made with ultra soft synthetic fibres that allow your eyeshadow to be applied and buffed to a soft velvet blend.   Each shade can be applied on your eyelid then buffed to take away harsh lines, A thick small bundled brush used for applying eyeshadow and highlighter for contouring. 

Glamx Deluxe Makeup Bag - $25.00

Its all about convenience and this makeup bag has it all. You not only can fit all your travel size brushes but more of your essentials as well.

Each side has 2 open pouches to fit foundations, liner, lipstick, blush etc.  You will be amazed of what this mini high quality makeup brush bag can fit.

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